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Learning Based Coding for Digital Image and Video Information

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23 personnes membres du GdR ISIS, et 6 personnes non membres du GdR, sont inscrits à cette réunion.
Capacité de la salle : 300 personnes.

Réunion d'animation en visio-conférence

La réunion aura lieu en visioconférence. Cependant pour des raisons techniques liées au nombre de connexions simultanées, l'inscription aux réunions est gratuite, mais obligatoire.

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In recent years, with the vulgarization of image and video acquisition devices, we are seeing unprecedented growth in visual data, especially with the increase of the dimensionality, e.g., UHD, 8K, 360-degree, point cloud and light field. Consequently, efficient compression is essential to store or transmit this huge amount of data. Despite the considerable performance achieved by the state-of-the-art image/video coding standards, the existing signal-processing oriented compression methods, such as hybrid coding approach, showed their limitations and it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet the growing demands of data. Consequently, the adoption of new approaches such as deep neural networks (DNNs) based methods represents a great potential to address this challenge and can provide very promising results.

Topics of interest in this workshop will include:

Guest speaker

Prof. Joao Ascenso (Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico, Prtugal)


Call for presentations

If your research is related to the forementioned topics, please consider to send the organizers a title and abstract of your work before May 15th 2021.


Résumés des contributions

Date : 2021-06-15

Lieu : Distanciel

Thèmes scientifiques :
D - Télécommunications : compression, protection, transmission

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