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4 novembre 2016

Effect of delays in multimodal recordings

Catégorie : Post-doctorant

In the framework of the ERC project CHESS, we are considering joint processing of multimodal recordings. We especially wonder what are the desirable properties which insure multimodal processing performance. In this post-doc project, we will consider multiple recordings depending of latent variables with different and unknown delays, and wonder what is the influence of the delays on performance.



Joint recording and processing of the same scene with different devices, i.e. processing of multimodal recordings, aims to exploit the complementarity/redundancy of the different modalities. However, according to the physical principles of each device, the recording on modality is basically a noisy signal, in which the useful part s(t) is filtered or distorted in different ways in each modality. Such situations occur especially in audio-video speech separation, heart activity analysis based on ECG and PCG recordings, or brain activity analysis based on EEG and MRI recordings.

Work description

In this project, we especially consider recordings where the signal s(t) is recorded with different (random) delays in each device i, which then delivers a measure: xi(t) = s(ti) + ni(t). According to time correlation or spectrum of s(t), we would like to investigate how information (or estimation) on s(t)is changed (improved or degraded) by using different modalities, i.e. measurements, xi(t) = s(t - ti) + ni; i = 1... I, based:

  1. on perfect knowledge of ti, of correlation function (or spectrum) of s(t) and noise correlation E[ni(t)nj(t')],
  2. or on errors or model mismatches on these variables.

Theoretical results can be validated on actual data available in GIPSA-lab, especially on audio-video and ECG/PCG recordings.

Required skills

The candidate should have a PhD degree in signal processing or information theory, or eventually in applied mathematics with a very good background in signal processing:

The candidate will sendhis/her CV, one or two recommendations letters, and a motivation letter for this position, in which he/she will develop in 1 to 2 pages, some ideas for addressing the project. 

Laboratory and supervision

The position, located in GIPSA-lab, Grenoble (France) and funded by the ERC project CHESS, is open from now up to end of February 2018. The monthly salary, depending of the candidate experience, will be over 2500 Euros brut. 

Send a copy of the requested documents by email to:

Dr. B. Rivet (bertrand.rivet@gipsa-lab.grenoble-inp.fr), Dr. P.-O. Amblard (Pierre-Olivier.Amblard@gipsa-lab.grenoble-inp.fr), Pr. O. Michel (olivier.michel@gipsa-lab.grenoble-inp.fr) and Pr. C. Jutten (christian.jutten@gipsa-lab.fr).


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