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2 janvier 2017

ICIP 2017 - Call for Grand Challenge Proposals

Catégorie : Compétitions et challenges

IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP) 2017 - Call for Grand Challenge Proposals
Beijing, China, September 17-20, 2017



Call for Grand Challenge Proposals

The Grand Challenges present a set of problems aimed at engaging the image processing research community into a competition of solving these interesting and challenging problems. Proposals for Grand Challenges are sought in all areas of imaging, image and video processing, and computer vision. We are particularly interested in proposals that represent the real-world challenges in industry applications. Proposers are encouraged to find an industry partner who can collaborate on and sponsor the proposed Challenge, though a sponsorship is not required for submitting a proposal.

Prospective proposers of Grand Challenges should submit proposals with the following information:


All proposals shall be submitted via email to GC2017-submission@gmail.com. For inquiries regarding Grand Challenges, please send emails to GC2017-inquiry@gmail.com.


PDF of the Call for Grand Challenge Proposals here


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