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11 janvier 2017

Post Doctoral or Engineer Position on Data analysis from behavioral origin

Catégorie : Post-doctorant

Post Doctoral or Engineer Position on Data analysis from behavioral origin

ParkEvolution project

Human Movement Sciences Institute UMR CNRS 7287 – Marseille – France

Human Movement Sciences Institute (ISM) located at Aix-Marseille University in Marseille (France) is seeking to appoint a full-time post-doctoral candidate or engineer (12 months) starting March 2017.


Parkinson disease (PD) represents more than 150 000 cases in France and is thus considered as the 2nd cause of adult motor disability. It is essentially characterized with extremities tremors, slow movement, muscular stiffness as well as fine motor skills impairment. Medics usually use standard tests in order to evaluate PD evolution but these tests do not allow to analyze in isolation these numerous symptoms.

Across this project, we plan to study PD patients fine motor skill in an ecological environment, and in a longitudinal way; through the analysis of cursor position and raw computer mouse information associated to common task such as pointing when PD patients use their own computer.

Behavioral data in relation with the kinematics of end-effector movement during accuracy control task will be collect. Analysis of these data will require analytical methods borrowed from the domains of data analysis, clustering and machine learning. Some analysis with large correlation matrix would also be considered. The aim of the current project will be to understand and to classify the origin of motor disorder observed on PD.

The candidate must hold a Master in Engineering or a PhD in Data analysis and be trained to clustering method and machine learning. Specificity on data analysis from human behaviour will be particularly highlighted.

The candidate will be essentially involved in data analysis, data organization and synthesis as well as data visualization of the whole data collected from PD patients included in the research protocol of ParkEvolution project. The candidate should demonstrate a high level in programming (e.g. Matlab, C-python, C++, …) and data analysis. Demonstration of scientific writing skills is also important. Net salary will be about 2000€ per month (and could be adjusted according to the professional experience of the candidate).

Deadline for application: as soon as possible.

Applicants should send a Curriculum Vitae, a cover letter and two letters of recommendation to: Dr. Laure Fernandez : laure.fernandez@univ-amu.fr

Institut des Sciences du Mouvement, CNRS / Aix-Marseille Université, Marseille, Equipe Comportements perceptivo-moteurs.


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