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20 janvier 2017

ATSIP 2017, Special Session, Image Quality Assessment: Tools and Applications

Catégorie : Conférence internationale

International Conference on Advanced Technologies, Signal & Image Processing, May 22-24, 2017, Fez, Morocco


Aims & topics

In the last decades, visual quality assessment becomes a crucial step for several applications such as compression, restoration, printing, biometrics, recognition and so on. Indeed, images, video and 3D meshes are generally affected by different types of degradations that impact the performance of the treatments applied to the image. It’s thus necessary to dispose to an efficient tool that well predicts the quality of the visual content.

Three main approaches have been proposed in the literature. Full-Reference approach where the original image is exploited, No-Reference approach where only the degraded image is used and the Reduced-Reference approach where some characteristics of the original image are used. Some of them are mathematical-based, while some others are Perceptual-based or structural-based.

The objective of this special session is to provide an overview of this domain and some of its applications and tools. The addressed topics in this special session are fully related to the ATSIP 2017 conference with the following themes (not exhaustive list):

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