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4 mai 2017

Progressive Compression of large evolutionary volume meshes for geosciences

Catégorie : Stagiaire

Internship proposal on the progressive compression of large evolutionary volumic meshes (Université Nice-Sophia-Antipolis).


In geosciences, the volume meshes for dynamic simulations have increasing sizes, making them complex to store, manipulate and visualize. These digital objects reach the target sizes of billions of cells. More and more used in the context of web applications or collaborative platforms, they need to be efficiently transmitted over the network, and processed on devices with computing powers and resolutions of various strength. Thus, compression of these contents becomes a critical scientific challenge with several objectives such as: efficient storage, interactive time transmission on networks, adaptive displaying, random access and so on. Progressive compression, that enables remote decompression at different levels of resolution from one single stream is a relevant technique to reach most of these objectives.

This internship will be the continuation of a postdoctoral stage on the same topic, initiated at IFP-En in January 2015 in collaboration with I3S. The objective was to develop a methodology for progressively (de)compressing structured volume meshes with additional properties. The goal of this internship will be to improve this algorithm in order to also manage dynamic volume meshes, i.e., volume meshes whose geometry or additional properties may evolve over time.

This internship is a preliminary work for the PhD which will follow.


fpayan(ad)i3s.unice.fr, sebastien.schneider(ad)ifpen.fr, laurent.duval(ad)ifpen.fr

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