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18 mai 2017

Mini-Symposium on Bioimage Informatics, June 27 - Rennes (France)

Catégorie : Journée d étude

We are happy to announce the 4th Mini-symposium on Bioimage Informatics, which will take place the 27th of June in Rennes.

This one-day workshop is organized by the GDR ImaBio (formerly GDR MIV, http://gdr-miv.fr) and France Bioimaging (https://france-bioimaging.org).

There will be 13 talks on various fields related to processing and analysis of biological images. Also, there will be an evening session in informal atmosphere with posters and software demos.

Registration is free, but mandatory:


Please spread the message!

All the best,
Alexandre, on behalf of the organizing team:

Jérôme Boulanger, Alexandre Dufour, Charles Kervrann, Thomas Walter, Pierre Weiss


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