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18 juin 2017

Investigation on 5G propagation channel for train autonomous driving

Catégorie : Doctorant

The PhD thesis proposed is in the field of channel propagation modeling and 5G wireless communication systems for railway application.


This PhD thesis will address the main issues related to the deployment of 5G MIMO sub-6GHz system for autonomous driving of trains in tunnel. First, a channel sounder will be employed to realize a measurement campaign. Then a channel model will be developed and implemented on an emulator to realize a test methodology.

This PhD is carried out in the framework of a joint work between CEA-Tech and IFSTTAR.

The PhD student will be part of the Département Composants et Systèmes at l’Ifsttar, Villeneuve d’Ascq (France). The work will also carried out in collaboration with the laboratory Léost (Laboratoire Ondes et Signaux pour les Transports) to exploit modeling and sounding tools.

PhD tutors at IFSTTAR: Dr Marion Berbineau, Dr Yann Cocheril

PhD tutor at CEA Tech: Dr Raffaele D'ERRICO

The position is open to outstanding students with Master of Science, “école d’ingénieur” or equivalent. The student should have specialization in the field of telecommunications, microwave and/or signal processing. The application must necessarily include a CV, cover letter and grades for the last two years of study. Letter of recommendation specifically for the position are also welcome.

Contact: marion.berbineau(at)ifsttar.fr, yann.cocheril(at)ifsttar.fr


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