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27 juillet 2017

Fully funded PhD Position at ISAE-Supaero: From Visual to semantic analysis for UAV/UGV navigation

Catégorie : Doctorant

Openned PhD Position at ISAE-Supaero, Toulouse, France: From Visual to semantic analysis for UGV navigation.

Contact: damien.vivet@isae.fr


PhD Position: From Visual to semantic analysis for UGV navigation.
Profile : machine learning, computer vision, signal processing
Employment contract: PhD scholarship (3 years starting by the end of 2017)
Contact: damien.vivet@isae.fr, eric.chaumette@isae.fr

The DEOS/ISAE-Supaero laboratory proposes a 3-year funded PhD in the context of the autonomous navigation of UGV/UAV. The ANR AVISE project aims at integrating the scene analyse step in the framework of the autonomous navigation, that means to integrate semantic information in the position processing step. We aim at building online a semantic urban object and event mapping by using low cost visual and GNSS sensors.

Detailled subject can be downloaded here.

The work will be realized in the ISAE-Supaero campus in Toulouse, France.

The successful candidate must demonstrate an interest in the subject and have a strong scientific curiosity. He should have a strong background in computer vision and machine learning.

Other required qualities: good level of English (French is not a requirement), inquiring mind, commitment and perseverance, good interpersonal skills, ability to work in a team

Applications must be submitted to Dr Damien Vivet (damien.vivet@isae.fr). Before 31st september 2017. Applications should include a detailed CV, master grades, ranking and marks sheets, a covering letter and some references.


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