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27 septembre 2017

Postdoc position on Graph Edit Distance, Quadratic minimization in Caen, France

Catégorie : Post-doctorant

One year post doc position in Caen (France). The research topic is focused on the design of efficient algorithm to find close approximations of the Graph Edit distance on large graphs, To this end the candidate will have to find original solution to the minimization of a non convex quadratic minimization problem. We expect a open and constructive discussions with the small team working on this topic in our lab.



Duration : one year (maybe extended to two years if the candidate wish so).
Place: Caen, GREYC Laboratory, Image Team
Contact for further information: luc.brun@ensicaen.fr (+33 2 31 45 27 01)
Start Date: December 2017 / January 2018
Topic: Graph Edit distance, combinatorial optimization, quadratic minimization,

The candidate will work within a small team of three persons in collaboration with other laboratories (LITIS, LCMT, COBRA). Together with this team the candidate will develop new methods to compute close approximations of the Graph edit distance on large graphs (up to 500/1000 nodes). This research activity will be based on a formulation of the Graph edit distance as the minimization of a quadratic functional. The candidate will be encouraged to propose his own improvements of this existing framework. Possible research directions, include the design of efficient parallel bipartite graph matching methods (to be included in quadratic minimization schemes) and proposals of new quadratic minimization schemes. Validated methods will be included in a global library on Graph edit distance developed by the team.

This position will be granted with about 1900 €/month gross salary.

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