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17 novembre 2017

Modelling the state of a tramway driver

Catégorie : Post-doctorant

Post-doctoral position 1 1st 2018 - 9 1st 2018

Title: Modelling the state of a tramway driver

Supervisor: F. Delmotte (Full professor, Lgi2A, University of Artois)

Project: ELSAT 2020 by CISIT/ GS2RI : Greener & Safer Rail Road Interaction



Post-doctoral position at LGi2A, at Bethune, France , monthly gross salary: 2550€, for 8 months, followed by a full year depending on the results


The GS2RI project aims at optimizing the relations and safety of multimodal systems involving cars, pedestrians and tramways into city’s environments.

In particular the LGi2A tries to refine models about the state of the tramway drivers in order to improve the overall safety of the multimodal system. The objective of the post-doctoral position are:


PhD in Datamining, statistics, classification,

Matlab language is required, basic knowledge of the Python language is a perk


Send CV, PhD defense reports, articles and so on to francois.delmotte@univ-artois.fr


The ELSAT 2020 project is co-founded by the European Union with the European Regional Development fund, the Région Haut de France and the French state.


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