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27 novembre 2017

Postdoctoral position available LIPADE (Univ Paris 5) : Multitemporal satellite image analysis

Catégorie : Post-doctorant

Postdoctoral position in Computer Sciences and Image Analysis

Spatio-temporal feature extraction for monitoring environmental changes from heterogeneous high frequency image times series


Type of contract: CDD 12 months (possibility of renewal up to 10 months)
Where? LIPADE (SIP team), University Paris Descartes (France)
When? Early 2018

With who? Camille KURTZ, Nicole VINCENT and Laurent WENDLING (name.lastname@parisdescartes.fr)

Keywords: Image analysis, spatio-temporal feature, hierarchical image representation, satellite image times series, change detection

This position is to support the scientific effort of the TIMES project (“High-performance processing techniques for mapping and monitoring environmental changes from massive, heterogeneous and high frequency data times series”), recently funded by the French Agency for Research (ANR) for the period 2018–2021. The project aims to support the analysis of satellite image time series in order to monitor the dynamics of our Planet, its land-cover and land-use. The postdoctoral position covers the image processing part of the project, with the main mission of developing and validating novel image analysis methods dedicated to environmental monitoring of landscape objects (e.g. coastal erosion, surface deformation, land cover changes) from the exploitation of the mass of available heterogeneous geospatial data (aerial and satellite images, point cloud data) acquired with very-high temporal frequency.

The ANR TIMES project is a collaboration between recognized teams in Computer Sciences (LIPADE, MIPS, MONASH (Australia) and SERTIT-ICUBE), possessing expertise in image analysis, pattern recognition, machine learning and high performance computing, and in environmental geography (land cover/use change analysis) with LIVE and ICUBE-SERTIT. The enrolled researcher will work in LIPADE laboratory and closely collaborate with the different labs of the consortium with potential travels to visit the other teams.

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