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5 décembre 2017

Sujet de thèse SuperGrid Institute / L2S : Ultra-fast estimation technique for transient-based DC protection

Catégorie : Doctorant

Internship / PhD proposal entitled Development of ultra-fast estimation technique for transient-based DC protection.



Extended HVDC grids, covering large areas and distances, are considered to be the preferable solution which makes it possible to introduce renewable energy sources and to increase security to the pan-European power system. Although many technical limitations remain, the protection system is often regarded as the most critical one. Compared to the traditional AC protection system, the DC protection system has particular difficulties that have to be overtaken: DC current has no zero crossing and line impedance has few impacts on fault current limitation. As a consequence, the DC fault current rises much faster and interrupting fault current becomes difficult, especially in DC grids. During last years major progress has been made in DC breaker technology development, allowing DC breaking capability up to 15kA with a breaking time of 2-3ms for hybrid DC breakers. Nevertheless in future DC grids, together with the employment of DC breakers, also advanced ultra-fast protection algorithm need to be developed and implemented able to detect and selectively identify the fault in around 1ms. 


The main objective of the internship/PhD is to implement and improve a transient based ultra-fast protection algorithm to be used in combination with hybrid DC circuit breakers in selective protection strategies for future DC grids.

The main task of the internship are the following:

  1. State of the art and basic understanding of HVDC grid protection and modelling for identification algorithms.
  2. Analytical implementation of a preliminary transient based protection algorithm on a Matlab or C++ environment.
  3. EMT (electro-magnetic transients) simulations to identify the performances and weakness of the protection algorithm in a simplified DC system.
  4. Carry out the necessary development to improve the protection algorithm.

The internship/PhD will start at SuperGrid Institute as soon as possible.. 


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