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24 janvier 2018

University of Rouen: Image and Signal Processing, Simultaneous Localization And Mapping

Catégorie : Post-doctorant

Main subject: Image and Signal Processing, Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM)

Secondary subject: Eye Tracking

Place: CETAPS (http://staps.univ-rouen.fr/le-laboratoire-cetaps-191625.kjsp?RH=1379595481948), Faculty of Sport Sciences, University of Rouen, France and LITIS (http://www.litislab.eu), National Institute of Applied Science, INSA of Rouen, France.

Starting: from 04/02/2018. Length: 12 months, could be renewed to total length of 31 months.

Salary: 2264 €/month net of charge (indice 600). 

Criteria of eligibility: to have a PhD completed and experience in Signal/Image processing that could be attested by 2 recommendation letters.


Context of the project

The XTerM project about smart mobility funded by the Normandy Region (CPER LMN) as well as the European Union (FEDER) is a multi-disciplinary project, which is concerned with the analysis of human movement. It combines knowledge and methodologies in the human movement sciences, computer sciences and applied mathematics. The project explores how experienced and inexperienced individuals in work and sport, such as firemen and athletes (climbers), adapt their visual-motor behaviours in various performance contexts, i.e., when the environment exhibited more or less complexity in its design.

Description of the work

The objective of the present work is to track the 3D coordinates of the point of gaze of a climber and the scan path of his/her visual intake during ascension on an artificial climbing wall.

This work required skills in Signal Processing, Image Processing and eventually Simultaneous Localization And Mapping.

3D positions, shape and colour of holds on the climbing wall are known, which gives partial information on the wall geometry as well as visual fixations.

Data collected during ascension are:

No real-time needed, processing can be done offline.

The candidate is requested to have a PhD in Image and/or Signal processing. An important knowledge of Matlab and Python is primordial. The work will be done in Rouen and supervised by Ludovic Seifert & Pascal Vasseur from the University of Rouen and by Romain Hérault from the INSA of Rouen.

Key words:

Signal processing, Sensors-IMU, Eye Tracker, Point of gaze 3D tracking, SLAM 

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