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26 janvier 2018

Two-Year postdoctoral position: Institut Fresnel - Marseille

Catégorie : Post-doctorant

Title: Smart-scans for live imaging of morphogenetic processes

Two-Year postdoctoral position at Institut Fresnel - Marseille
[Funding: Turing Centre for Living Systems]


Project abstract

Fluorescence bio-microscopy is in constant need of better temporal dynamics, larger volume of view and reduced phototoxicity. This is particularly true for tissue imaging in the context of morphogenesis.

Biological tissues are highly organized structures. In embryos, they are often organized in 2D surfaces (epithelia) curved in 3D. We propose to develop a scanning microscope designed to image and quantify shapes of curved epithelial structures using the least amount of light. In order to do so, the system will actively search for surfaces of interest, and focus scanning there. At the heart of our approach is a deep connection between signal processing and image acquisition. Real-time data processing, using the tools from information theory, will determine surfaces of interest, their shape and topology, with a well-defined precision to guide the scanning process. We expect to considerably reduce light irradiation and to speed up acquisition.

We will demonstrate the benefits of our approach in the study of curved Drosophila wing imaginal discs and C. elegans epidermis and nervous system, which are dynamic tissues that are very sensitive to light.

This project combines expertize from optical instrumentation, data processing and developmental biology. It relies on a collaboration between three teams:

Expected profile

The candidate, who will be mainly located in Fresnel institute (Marseille), may either have an experimental expertize (instrumentation / physics / biophysics) or computational expertize (statistical data processing).


Fluorescence microscopy; data science; information theory; surface modelling and segmentation; biological morphogenesis;

Supervisors / Contact

Deadline for application: 28th February



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