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27 février 2018

Research engineer opening, Endoscopy and Computer Vision group, Clermont-Ferrand

Catégorie : Ingénieur

Research engineer opening, Endoscopy and Computer Vision group, Clermont-Ferrand.


The goal of ERC project P-ViTAL (Virtual Transparency and Augmented Laparoscopy) is to develop a Computer-Assisted Laparoscopy (CAL) software platform. ViTAL is a new type of CAL allowing the surgeon to see the hidden anatomical structures, such as tumors and vessels within an organ, by modifying the laparoscope’s video stream in real-time. Concretely, this is achieved by aligning preoperative 3D images such as CT and MR scans to the laparoscopy video. ViTAL is important as it overcomes one of laparoscopy’s main shortcomings: hidden anatomy visualization. The project is conducted within the EnCoV group, which has already developed ViTAL research prototypes for laparoscopy on the liver and the uterus. The algorithms have been validated on simulated, phantom, animal and clinical data. The candidate will be part of a group to develop a software platform dedicated to ViTAL and validate it with clinical data. The use of a common platform will enable fast instantiation of new CAL software dedicated to other organs in the abdominal cavity and the improvement of already developed prototypes. See the demo illustrating ViTAL in a laparoscopic procedure for the uterus. EnCoV is a computer vision and computer-aided endoscopy research group located in Clermont-Ferrand, France (see http://igt.ip.uca.fr/encov).

The successful candidate will have an MSc or a PhD in Computer Science with a strong expertise in C++, OpenGL and Qt programming. Experience in computer vision and basic linear algebra will be appreciated.

To apply, send an email to Lilian.Calvet@gmail.com including your MSc transcripts, MSc and PhD theses (if applicable), and the contact details for two references.


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