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4 avril 2018

PhD thesis: Icono-geometric atlas construction for brain glioblastoma

Catégorie : Doctorant

Open PhD position in Paris: The goal of the PhD project is to propose a method to estimate a 3D atlas of glioblastoma using a population of MR brain images.


The candidate should have a master in computer science, applied mathematics or geometric modeling with a strong interest in medical imaging and programming.

Starting date: September/October 2018

How to apply:

Candidates are invited to send their CV before the 15th of May 2018 detailing their academic background with courses and grades to pietro.gori@telecom-paristech.fr, alexis.glaunes@parisdescartes.fr and isabelle.bloch@telecom-paristech.fr

More information at https://perso.telecom-paristech.fr/bloch/PhD_description.pdf


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