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3 mai 2018

Digital Pathology

Catégorie : Stagiaire

We are looking for a development intership in the field of digital image pathology. The main objectives of the position will be to assist the research team and the clinical team in the final development of an image-based test for diagnosis. You will work in collaboration with computer scientists and an histopathological department at hospital (Paris).

You need to be fluent in C or C++ and Linux systems. To know a bit of python, server-based API like REST.


We are looking for a motivated student in computer sciences with skills in image processing (so a bit of math) who likes developement issues and would like to set up a whole process line from the hospital to the cloud.

It can be a short intern but you should be operational as soon as possible. Can be 4 to 6 months depending on the timing and administrative constraints.

Location : http://lipade.mi.parisdescartes.fr

Please contact ASAP :





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