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4 mai 2018

PhD position: Multimodal hand biometric recognition system under uncertain reasoning

Catégorie : Doctorant

Location: GREYC, Caen, France - http://www.greyc.fr/





The E-payment & Biometrics research unit conducts research activities in biometrics, particularly on the design of biometric systems as an authentication solution for a secure electronic transaction. Biometric authentication is an interesting solution for one part to enhance the security of a logical access to any information system and another part to simplify the use for a user. GREYC is recognized for its work on biometric behavioral systems (dynamic keystrokes, dynamic interaction with touch screens, and so on), the update of user's biometric model to take into account behavioral changes (Romain Giot's thesis) or the evaluation of biometric systems (Mohamad El Abded's thesis).

In this context, a PhD fellowship is proposed between the GREYC Laboratory (Caen, France) and the Moduleus Company (Tours, France) for a three-year co-localised position. The successful candidate will work under the supervision of Dr. Christophe Charrier (GREYC) and Adrien Bailly (Moduleus Cie.).


Biometrics consist in identifying or verifying the identity of individual in an automatic way. The recognition of an individual is usually a non-invasive, fast and easy-to-use solution. It is possible to extract multiple information such as facial shape, veins of the hand (from a near infrared acquisition), fingerprints, and so on.

The proposed PhD subject will investigate how to develop an original and robust method to recognize and identify individual from the combination of only biometric hand data to ensure a high level of identification for a biometric system. At this time, existing methods do not guarantee a high level of identification: the aim is then to develop a method that will serve as an international reference for both academic research and industrial applications.

A non-intrusive ultrasound-based method will be used to acquire different biometric elements of the epidermis as well as the different dermal layers of the hand or of any part of the body in a semi-simultaneous manner. For each acquired layer, an extraction process of the most relevant information associated to a confidence index (and or quality) will be investigated and designed. Finally, a process of combining different biometric elements under uncertain reasoning will be studied in order to make the final decision. The developed method can be extended to evaluate the evolution through time of individual's biometric parameters in the context of medical applications.


Applications should include the following :

Application deadline: June 30th (application will be processed on the fly).

PhD start: October/November 2018.

This position is subject to security clearance because of the ZRR qualification of the lab.


Salary : ~1800 euros monthly gross salary.


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