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18 juin 2018

12-month post-doc position at IRISA, Rennes: Concept Detection in Images from Cultural Heritage databases

Catégorie : Post-doctorant

The proposed work is related to a European interdisciplinary R&D project (READ-IT) involving ICT scholars and Human and Social Sciences (HSS) scholars. The aim of Human and Social Sciences (HSS) researchers is to exploit rich 'human archives' in multiple media and languages depicting reading experiences, e.g., the practical circumstances of, the facts and effects related to reading.

Keywords: Computer vision, deep learning, low-shot learning, concept detection, digitalized European cultural heritage

Location: IRISA, Rennes France
Application deadline: 08/07/2018
Job Starting Date: expected 01/10/2018 (can be postponed until 01/01/2019 if necessary)


Title : "Concept Detection in Images from Cultural Heritage databases
The goal is to analyze images from ‘human archives’. It requires the development of high-level visual concept recognition tools for establishing comparisons (e.g., search for similar visual representations) and for automatic content analysis (recognition of domain-specific visual concepts). Challenges are: learning from very few examples, a frequent situation in HSS, and constantly learning as new data is being ingested.

Detailed post-doc subject can be found on the following web links:

Candidate Background:
- PhD in machine learning, computer vision, or image analysis
- Relevant research skills and experience in computer vision, machine learning / deep neural networks
- Programming skills (e.g. Python or C++)
- Good English communication skills (oral and written)

Requirement due to funding:
- Maximum 3 years of experience after thesis defense
- An international experience in research is required (during or after Doctorate).
- Candidates must not have supported their thesis at UBL and not previously worked in the IRISA research unit.


Please send the following documents before 8 july 2018:

• Short Curriculum Vitae and a covering letter showing your interest and especially addressing your professional project
• A list of your major works (2 pages max.) : scientific publications, patents and others scientific productions
• Letters of recommendation (not mandatory, but appreciated)
• A copy of your PhD diploma

by email (mentioning "Read-it postdoc position" in the email subject) to:
Ewa KIJAK (ewa.kijak@irisa.fr) and Brigitte OUVRY-VIAL (brigitte.ouvry-vial@univ-lemans.fr) with copy to UBL (recherche@u-bretagneloire.fr)


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