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26 juillet 2018

Special issue "Image Retrieval in Remote Sensing" (Remote Sensing journal)

Catégorie : Revues

Open secial issue "Image Retrieval in Remote Sensing" in Remote Sensing (deadline 30/09/2018)

Dear Colleagues,

This is a gentler reminder for the special issue "Image Retrieval in Remote Sensing" to be edited in the Remote Sensing journal. Remote Sensing is an open-access journal published by MDPI (IF = 3.406).
Please see the web page of the special issue for more details: http://www.mdpi.com/journal/remotesensing/special_issues/ir2s
The deadline is 30 September 2018 but extension can be granted if needed.
Looking forward receiving your contributions,

The guest editors
Sébastien Lefèvre, Alexandre Benoît, Erchan Aptoula

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