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2 septembre 2018

Poste de Post-doctorat/Ingénieur de recherche (postdoctoral/research engineer position)

Catégorie : Post-doctorant

Network Protocols and Architectures for Green Data Storage

We are offering a full-time research scientist (postdoctoral/experienced engineer) position in the area of green data center design with a particular emphasis on the tradeoff between the network protocols and architectures and the energy consumption. The candidate will join the ETIS research team located in cergy-Pontoise, France

The proposed research work makes part of the ECOBIO H2 innovative project that has received a French government support managed by the Agency of Environment and Energy Management (ADEME). The final objective of the research project consists in designing a data center prototype of high environmental efficiency.

A general project framework can be found at https://www.ademe.fr/sites/default/files/assets/documents/ecobio-appelprojet.pdf

Areas of interest

We are looking for candidates with experience and knowledge on: digital communication systems more specifically on physical layer aspects related to the design and implementation of transmission and reception blocks, and skills with experience on hardware implementation on USRP platforms.

Skills with experience using DSP and FPGAs with knowledge on C++ and /or Python programming may be very advantageous.

Besides the experienced engineer applicant must:

1) Have aa Ph.D degree in EE/CS with a background in Storage and/or Networking


Have a diploma in IT/Computer Science and a working experience in data centers, and a basic knowledge of DC components such as Server, Storage, Network, Cabling

2) Know the basic operations of data center running environment and process follows

3) Knowledge of energy consumption models for data centers is a plus

4) Knowledge of erasure-correcting codes is a plus

For no French educated candidates, French speaking and/or writing is not required but may be advantageous.

The candidate will enter the ETIS research team and will assist in innovative Data Center (DC) site planning and proposing innovative solutions in the DC architecture and/or in DC workload protocols to reduce energy consumption.



The research grant is awarded for 12 months and its monthly net salary is about 2100€. The position will take place at the ETIS Lab (http://www-etis.ensea.fr) in campus of ENSEA, Cergy, France.

Expected starting is: Autumn 2019.



Interested candidates should contact Iryna Andriyanova (iryna.andriyanova@ensea.fr) by sending a detailed CV, graduate transcript(s), representative publications, statement of research experience and interests, and two references.

We may contact interesting candidates once we receive the application. Therefore, please submit your application as early as possible.


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