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18 septembre 2018

Research Engineer in Computer Vision and Deep Learning for Navigation Assistance for Blind People

Catégorie : Chercheur


Within CEA LIST Institute (www-list.cea.fr), an important field of research of the Vision and Content Engineering Laboratory) concerns the development of visual scene understanding technologies able to perceive and model the environment, detect, track and describe objects of interest, re-identify people and objects, analyze people's behavior and activity and recognize observed events. These activities are carried out by a research group of more than 20 researchers and engineers.


Conceive and develop vision based technologies for object detection, tracking and classification based on visual data (2D and 3D), in the context of a European project ambitioning to ease visually severely impaired people’s life by improving their mobility through environment understanding.
Under the supervision of the project manager, you will be in charge of:
- Science and technological watch in the focused areas of research,
- The development of new specific vision-based algorithms, and the adaptation of existing methods to the considered applications,
- The performance evaluation of these algorithms in terms of robustness and execution speed,
- Contribute to the implementation of demonstrators and pre-industrial prototypes.



- Skills in image processing and computer vision (PhD in computer vision or significant experience in this domain)
- Experience in one or several of the following areas: real-time object detection, tracking and classification
- Skills in machine learning, in particular Deep Learning
- Programming in C++, Python.
- Knowledge of Deep Learning frameworks : TensorFlow


LOCATION : Centre Nano-Innov - plateau de Saclay (91) near Paris, France.

CONTRACT : 18 to 36 months contract, salary depending on education and experience level

To apply, please send a resume and a cover letter to lvic-jobs@cea.fr


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