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10 octobre 2018

Thèse Cifre Mairie d'Autun

Catégorie : Doctorant

Title : « Numérical 3D virtual reassembly tool: application to an antique marble puzzle. »

The aim of the project is to virtually rebuild from fragments a Roman document engraved on marble slabs. This antique document was discovered in Autun 2 centuries ago and has never been deciphered. A multidisciplinary team of researchers (in archeology, geology, history and computer vision) decided to join their knowledge to attempt to succeed in this task.

Firstly, a database containing the information (size, letter size, border type, thickness, trace of color, known text, etc.) and the 3D acquisitions (profile and faces) of all the fragments is available. 3D acquisitions were obtained using a specific system developed by the team.


The thesis job concerns the development of a software reconstructive interactive tool taking into account the geometric, semantics, geological, archaeological and historical features extracted from the fragments (database).

The program of the thesis is expected as follows:

- define and formalize the notion of facet in the mapping (for assembly);

- define appropriate distance measures for a very heterogeneous set of features such as geometric, semantics, geological , archaeological and historical.

- develop an interactive approach operating in a kind of " query " and "validation" loop;

- and develop a dynamic assembly strategy , controlled by the expert, capable of integrating different properties / characteristics to propose new assemblies in real time ( compatible with human-computer interaction ).

The work of the thesis will be in close dialogue with team members to provide a true multidisciplinary dimension to the assembly tool. The purpose is obviously to maximize the chances of assembling the fragments that have a connection there between. The second aim is to valorize the result in collaboration with the museum of Autun.

Expected results open several fields of application in archeology (reconstruction of frescoes, ceramics), but also in orthopedic surgery (3D puzzle solving of comminuted articular fractures)...

See video (in french): http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1ipj4u_le-puzzle- infernal_tech

Duration: 36 months beginning early 2019

Place: Le2i Le Creusot (ERL CNRS 6000), Equipe AnHiMA (UMR 8210) and Centre archéologique Autun

Skills: Computer sciences, 3D data processing, pattern recognition, classification, Matlab, C++, Data basis

Contacts :eric.fauvet@u-bourgogne.fr; antony.hostein@ephe.psl.eu


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