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6 novembre 2018

PhD Position ENSEA/ETIS, University Paris-Seine, France

Catégorie : Doctorant

A PhD position is available in Information, Communications, Imagery (ICI) research group at ETIS laboratory, ENSEA, University of Paris-Seine, France.

PhD Topic: Machine Learning based Channel Estimation and Prediction for High Mobility Vehicular Scenarios
Desired expertise and skills: The PhD applicant should hold a Master degree (or equivalent) in Electrical engineering or Computer science or any related field. The candidate should have an expertise in signal processing and communication theory. Knowledge of machine learning tools is a plus. The applicant should send an email with his master’s degree transcripts, Curriculum Vitae and recommendation letters to marwa.chafii@ensea.fr
Expected starting date: As soon as possible
Duration: 36 months

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