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17 janvier 2019

ImageCLEF 2019: call-for-Participation

Catégorie : Compétitions et challenges

1st Call-for-Participation in ImageCLEF 2019 Multimedia Retrieval in CLEF Labs


ImageCLEFlifelog: https://www.imageclef.org/2019/lifelog
The task addresses the problems of lifelogging data retrieval and summarization,

ImageCLEFsecurity: https://www.imageclef.org/2019/security
The task addresses the problems of automatically identifying forged content and retrieve hidden information,

ImageCLEFcoral: https://www.imageclef.org/2019/coral
The task addresses the problem of automatically segmenting and labeling underwater images for the monitoring of coral reef structure and composition,

ImageCLEFmedical: https://www.imageclef.org/2019/medical
The task addresses the challenge of automatically predicting tuberculosis type from 3D chest CT scans, mapping of visual information to textual descriptions and visual question answering.

**********Run submission is due May 1, 2019**********


Henning MuellerBogdan IonescuRenaud Péteri


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