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2 février 2019

Stage de Master 2 : Study of Smart Meters for Sharing Energy in Smart Grids

Catégorie : Stagiaire

Project context

The interest toward control of intelligent buildings increases. In 2007, the JRC (Joint Research Center) of the European Commission published a study that shows that domestic equipment consume 28.6% of the total electrical energy in Europe and more than a third of the power demand at peak times. In December 2012, a study of the “Eco-Electric” sector, entitled "Energy efficiency, energy transition lever" shows that it is possible to generate savings of 21% to 33% by deploying active energy efficiency solutions in all residential and commercial French buildings. Therefore, the following question arises: How can domestic homes save energy without losing comfort and safety? To achieve this objective, it is essential to install Smart Meters and share the renewable energy between users.

Project description

An intelligent and autonomous energy management is required. It is essential to measure accurately and in a real time the different parameters related to the power quality. Energy efficiency is directly dependent on a good understanding of the disturbances that affect the power quality.

In the context of these developments, Smart Meters will play a key role in sharing renewable energy in the context of smart grids. The goal is to use mainly the energy produced locally or stored, and also to increase the autonomy in its production (while increasing the economic interdependence of the supply network). The project is in this context and aims to provide an innovative technological solution to improve self-consumption and reduce consumption. The project is a part of a European consortium EUCOR (France, Germany and Switzerland). Locally, the University of Haute Alsace (UHA) collaborates with several companies associated with this project, to an Eco-Campus program initiated in 2013 to better manage and reduce energy consumption. UHA is the first French university that obtained the ISO 50001 certification (Energy Management System) in June 2014. 

The present project will focus on:


Requested skills: Autonomy, creativity, versatility, strong scientific background.

Keywords: Smart Meters, Data analytics (statistics, machine learning, ...), modeling, Energy Management System.

Duration: 5 ~ 6 months (from March 1st, 2019)

Remuneration: approximately 600 € per month.

Address: IRIMAS laboratory, University of Haute-Alsace, 68093 Mulhouse.

Contact: Djaffar OULD ABDESLAM (djaffar.ould-abdeslam@uha.fr).



[1] Rehman Zafar, Anzar Mahmood, Sohail Razzaq, Wamiq Ali, Khurram Shehzad, “Prosumer based energy management and sharing in smart grid”, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, vol. 82, no. 1, February 2018, Pages 1675-1684.

[2] Sander van der Stelt, Tarek AlSkaif, Wilfried van Sark, “Techno-economic analysis of household and community energy storage for residential prosumers with smart appliances”, Applied Energy, vol. 209, no. January 2018, Pages 266-276.


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