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5 mars 2019

Post-doctoral Position at Paris Nanterre Univ./CentraleSupelec : Statistical Signal Processing

Catégorie : Post-doctorant

Subject : Dealing with Misspecifications in Signal Processing



A motivated post-doctoral candidate is solicited in the LEME laboratory of Paris Nanterre University at Ville d’Avray (50 Rue de Sèvres, 92410 Ville-d'Avray) and the L2S laboratory of CentraleSupelec.

The candidate must possess a doctoral degree in signal processing, applied mathematics (optimization, statistics...), or information theory. Good mathematical background is required. Solid programming skills (matlab/python) will be appreciated. Above all, the applicants must be motivated to learn quickly and work effectively on challenging research problems.


Application process:

Please send your CV (containing contact information of at least two referees), statement of research experience and interests and representative publications (maximum 3 articles) in attachment to M. N. El Korso (m.elkorso@parisnanterre.fr), A. Breloy (abreloy@parisnanterre.fr) and F. Pascal (frederic.pascal@centralesupelec.fr).


Context and research project:

Parametric inference and information recovery methods in signal processing are strongly dependent on the statistical model and the observed data. Nevertheless, in practice, statistical models are seldom fully or correctly specified. This leads to a dramatic performance loss when applying classical information recovery methods assuming perfectly specified models in misspecified scenario.

For this post-doc position, we aim at studying new basis for information recovery and performance prediction for non regular statistical models. By non-regular, we mean misspecified models with possibly under-determined, partial, incomplete, censured or truncated data. Specifically, by using advanced optimization tools, we will combine the advantages of both likelihood based robust parametric and empirical non-parametric methodologies for signal processing applications. Finally, it should be noted that our primary focus, in terms of application, will be related to calibration in the context of very large radio-interferometer and/or MIMO radar.



The research grant is awarded for 12 months and its monthly net salary is about 2000€.

Expected starting: Sept/Oct 2019.



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