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22 mai 2019

6 months engineer position at IFSTTAR

Catégorie : Ingénieur


SAFER-LC project aims to improve safety and minimize risk by developing a fully-integrated cross-modal set of innovative solutions and tools for the proactive management and design of level-crossing infrastructure.

The project will focus both on technical solutions, such as smart detection services and advanced infrastructure-to-vehicle communication systems and on human processes to adapt infrastructure design to end-users and to enhance coordination and cooperation between different stakeholders from different transportation modes.

IFSTTAR Contribution is focused to develop and evaluate the communication system between Vehicles to Level Crossing LC.

A series of tests has be do out to demonstrate the feasibility of these new technological solutions






The candidate should develop the methodology to evaluate potential performance issues the smart Communication system. This technical evaluation consists to calculate the technical metrics that affect the communication system. In this project, the communication solution is based on ITS-G5. This system allows transmitting the LC situation to the vehicles (train and vehicle).

The technical input is provided in the form of quantitative answers to following research questions:

- What is the performance of the piloted communication technologies to exchange service information to in-vehicle systems?

- What are the technical limits of these solutions in terms of range, speed, data exchanging.


The candidate should have experience of team work in R&D projects. The duties include:


Required Competencies

Successful candidate will have unique opportunities to significantly contribute to technical (simulation, implementation, and evaluation), and management (liaise with investigators in other institutions, participate in new proposals, reporting)

Desired Skills: Experience in Signal processing, telecommunication, digital communication 4G, LTE, 5G.

Education: A Ph.D in telecommunications is required.




Procedure for recruitment

Interview with a jury

If interested, please send a detailed CV, list of publications and one or two publications the more representative of your work to fouzia.boukour@ifsttar.fr



Location of the position

LEOST- IFSTTAR, 20 rue Elisée reclus, 59666, Villeneuve d’ascq






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