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3 juillet 2019

PhD on Learning Scoliosis Patterns

Catégorie : Doctorant

Position: A full-time doctoral research position at INRIA – Grenoble, MORPHEO team (https://team.inria.fr/morpheo/).

Date: The position will start in fall 2019. Funding is for 36 months.

Consortium: The position is part of a collaboration between INRIA, the company Anatoscope (http://anatoscope.com/) specialized in digital anatomy simulation and the Orthopedic Pediatric’s in Grenoble (OPG) at Grenoble hospitals (http://centre-alpin-scoliose.chu-grenoble.fr).

Advisors: The PhD will be advised by Sergi Pujades, Edmond Boyer (Morpheo INRIA), François Faure (Anatoscope) and Aurélien Courvoisier (Grenoble Hospitals).


Context:Scoliosis is a deformation of the spine in the 3 spatial planes. In particular, idiopathic scoliosis is a progressive disease throughout the period of growth, affecting mostly young women. While standard analysis of the disease are yet mostly static, scoliosis presents dynamic patterns in space and over time which are of primary interests. For instance, spine deformations, that leave in a 3D space, are better revealed through patient motions than static poses. In addition, idiopathic scoliosis evolves with age, in a positive or negative way that depends on factors that are still difficult to quantize. The scoliosis medical community is therefore showing a great interest for computational tools that would help analyse and diagnose by using visual dynamic cues, e.g. videos or scans, and modern learning techniques.


The objectives of the PhD are to investigate and create novel computational models in order to, from short to longer term:

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