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13 octobre 2019

Stage M2: Experimental study of underwater free-space optical communications

Catégorie : Stagiaire

The project concerns experimental study of an underwater wireless optical communication system. It will be carried out at "Institut Fresnel" laboratory, Marseille, in collaboration with a few local industries.

Contact: Dr. Ali Khalighi

Institut Fresnel, D.U. Saint-Jérôme, 13397 Marseille cedex 20

Email: Ali.Khalighi@fresnel.fr


Underwater wireless optical communication (UWOC) is a promising technology that enables very high-speed data transmission between two underwater nodes/vehicles over relatively short distances. Albeit a rich literature exists to date on the modeling and performance analysis of these systems, there is a lack of experimental results alleviating practical limitations/considerations of such links.

This internship aims at developing an experimental test-bed for a UWOC link in order to investigate the pros and cons of this technology under controlled laboratory conditions. Previous recent work considered the design of the main test-bed including the optoelectronic components / equipment which are needed to realize a number of pre-defined experiments. A preliminary study of the link performance has been done as well, which remains at an early stage, nevertheless.

The student should finalize the design of the transmitter / receiver optoelectronics and perform experimental measurements under different controlled lab conditions in order to assess the main limitations / difficulties of implementing such links. He/she will then try to validate a set of the theoretical findings recently done in our lab.


* Keywords: Optical communications; wireless data transmission; optical signal detection; link performance study


* Required skills: Skilfulness in optoelectronics and optical instrumentation; good knowledge of digital communications.


* Salary: ~580€/month


* Begin/End dates: 6-month internship with flexible start date, not later than April, 1st, 2020


* Miscellaneous: The student will closely work with two PhD students, who will help him/her in understanding the principles of the communication system as well as in the experimental measurements.



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