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29 octobre 2019

Master Internship M2 offer on Deep learning and Image Analysis

Catégorie : Stagiaire


Master Internship M2 offer on Deep learning and Image Analysis

We are seeking highly motivated Master intern M2 on Image Analysis and machine learning at the University Paris-Est Créteil in the interdisplinary research laboratory LISSI and SYNSIGHT SAS, a startup with a huge potential in Genopole. The LISSI develops multi-disciplinary, theoretical and applied research in the field of Information Sciences and of Engineering with a strong orientation to healthcare applications. Genopole is the first biocluster in France dedicated entirely to biotherapies, research in genetics, genomics, post-genomics, xenobiology and the development of biotechnology industries. Synsight propose High-Content Screening solutions for AI-based Drug Discovery.

The project will develop innovative deep learning approaches for the analysis of microscopic fluorescence images. More details about the project will be giving during the interview for confidentiality reasons.The selected candidate will have the chance to work in an interdisciplinary team and a big consortium of data scientists. This internship can lead to a permanent contract or PhD scholarship.

Laboratory: Laboratoire Images, Signaux et Systèmes Intelligents (LiSSi) à Université Paris-Est Créteil UPEC (ex-Université Paris 12) and SYNSIGHT SAS, Genopole company.

Supervisors: Dr. Alice OTHMANI

Duration: 6 months

Starting Period: Between January and March

Subject: Deep learning framework for colocalization in Microscopic Fluorescence Images.

Minimum to desired requirements:

M1 in computer science, applied mathematics or electrical engineering, with a focus on machine learning.

Knowledge and Experience in machine learning and data analysis

Knowledge and Experience in Image processing

Demonstrated record of high-performance scientific programming with python

Demonstrated analytical, verbal, and scientific writing skills



[1] M. Almonacid, A. Al Jord, S. El-Hayek, A. Othmani, F. Coulpier, S. Lemoine, K. Miyamoto, R. Grosse, C. Klein, T. Piolot, P. Mailly, R. Voituriez, A. Genovesio, M. H. Verlhac,« Active fluctuations of the nuclear envelope shape thetranscriptional dynamics in oocytes » Developmental Cell, vol 51, pp 1–13, October 21, 2019

[2] Othmani A. et al. (2019) Biometrics from Cellular Imaging. In Biometrics under Biomedical Considerations. Series in BioEngineering. Springer, Singapore


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