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22 novembre 2019

International workshop on large scale land cover mapping

Catégorie : Conférence internationale

Dear colleagues,

The French MAESTRIA project will organize workshops related to large scale land-cover mapping during the 2019-2022 period in order to collect users' expectations, validate choices and identify remaining challenges.
This first one-day meeting will be held on 3rd December 2019 in Paris (France) and its main objective is to gather international land-cover experts which have been working with and generating land-cover maps users for a long time.
The specific goals of this first meeting will be to collect complementary points of view, share recent achievements and identify remaining

The program is now released. The speakers are:

Registration is free and open until 28 November 2019.

Please visit our website for additional information: https://lslc.sciencesconf.org/

Best regards,
Mathieu Fauvel, Jordi Inglada, Arnaud Le Bris & Clement Mallet

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