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28 novembre 2019

Computer Vision Scientist, WIPSEA Rennes

Catégorie : Chercheur

Computer Vision Scientist (Permanent Position) at WIPSEA, Rennes (with associate membership to IRISA Vannes, OBELIX team)


You are computer scientist with a PhD in one or more of the following domains: computer vision; pattern recognition; image/video analysis, processing, understanding; machine learning; aerial imaging, remote sensing. Preferred candidates will have one or more years of experience in a post-doctoral position in one or more of these areas. You haven’t got any permanent position in a French company (“CDI”) since your PhD graduation but you search one. You love researching, specifying, analyzing, developing, tuning, testing, enhancing and optimizing image analysis algorithms based on Deep Learning technics and/or OpenCV (C/C++) and/or any other language used to prototype (python) and produce efficient software solutions.

You are curious, dynamic and persistent. Environment, sustainable development and biodiversity protection are important for you and you would like to give meaning to your work in this domain. Come and join us!

WIPSEA, an innovative French startup, based in Rennes, specialized in image analysis for environmental assessment, offer you an opportunity to use your know-how to help to reconcile wildlife and human activities. WIPSEA develop high tech software products and innovative solutions to help reserves and protected areas managers, regional planner, public and private research departments in ecology to census wildlife in the field.

You will work as a first step in collaboration with OBELIX team from IRISA research institute (UMR 6074) that is playing a leading role in AI and Computer Vision for Earth and Environment Observation. Senior researchers form OBELIX group in Vannes will supervise your scientific work, while you will integrate a WIPSEA growing team where you will have the opportunity to collaborate with a research engineer, a software engineer and a manager specialized in real-time video processing. You will benefit from the expertise of a research team and bring your expertise in your field within the company during specification and integration phases and as customer support. You will be asked to publish scientific articles and patents therefore an excellent talent for writing in scientific French and English is required. You will give presentations and demonstrations in public during conferences, symposiums, exhibitions or appointment with customers, in France or abroad so performance skills will be a plus.

Please send your application letter, CV and references to the following address: contact@wipsea.com
More information available on: www.wipsea.com or www.wipsea.fr


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