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9 janvier 2020

Design of Joint Localization and Communication Algorithms for 5G mmWave Systems

Catégorie : Post-doctorant

Description :

Wireless systems operating in the millimeter bands beyond 26 GHz (mmWave) are expected to fulfil the unprecedented needs of next 5G communication networks, in terms of high data rates and load. In such systems, communication and localization functionalities are tightly connected, but these synergies remain largely underexploited and practical trade-offs are yet hard to characterize and meet. Typically, in the recent literature, it has been shown that accurate localization could contribute to faster mmWave initial access and channel estimation, as well as to better beam selection and alignment, etc... Reciprocally, mmWave beamforming (e.g., intended in terms of pre-coding) and multiservice resource allocation (over time, frequency and/or users) can be optimized so as to accurately estimate user's position and heading, without generating too much overhead with respect to underlying communication means and without altering available data rates. In this context, the purpose of this work is twofold:

  • Continue and extend recent theoretical research studies carried out at CEA-Leti on joint mmWave localization and communication services. This work concerns localization-oriented beam forming/selection/alignment, communicationlocalization resource sharing in multi-carrier multi-user MIMO contexts, multipath channel estimation, as well as simultaneous localization and mapping. In particular, new algorithms will be proposed to better cover the needs of an outdoor vehicular use case. In this first step, the solutions will be evaluated by means of extensive computer simulations.
  • Support the specification and integration of a real-time over-the-air mmWave proof-of-concept platform currently under development at CEA-Leti. More specifically, the goal will be to contribute to the implementation and porting of one algorithm selected in the first step.



PhD (signal processing for wireless communication networks and systems) with:


Benoit Denis, benoit.denis@cea.fr / Vincent Berg, vincent.berg@cea.fr


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