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14 février 2020

2 postes (dont 1 Image) MCF au LIPADE, section 27 (Univ. de Paris)

Catégorie : Enseignant-chercheur


L’université de Paris recrute 2 Maîtres de Conférences en Informatique, section 27. Les fiches de postes sont maintenant disponibles sur Galaxie.

0755976N UNIVERSITE DE PARIS 17*   26-I-1 MCF Non 27     01/09/2020 25/02/2020 26/03/2020 ANALYSE D'IMAGE, OU RESEAUX INFORMATIQUES SCIENCES


0755976N UNIVERSITE DE PARIS 18*   26-I-1 MCF Non 27     01/09/2020 25/02/2020 26/03/2020 INTELLIGENCE ARTIFICIELLE OU DATA ANALYTICS SCIENCES



LIPADE (computer science, University of Paris) invites expressions of interest for 2 tenured assistant professor positions (maître de conférences), starting on September 2020.


We welcome candidates in the general areas of:
- computer networks: network security and network protocols and algorithms
- computer vision: image analysis, pattern recognition, and visual perception
- databases and data analytics: data and knowledge management and analysis
- artificial intelligence: intelligent agents and multi-agent systems
Candidates should have a PhD in Computer Science (or a related field), and a demonstrated potential for excellence in research and teaching. Knowledge of French is mandatory.

Interested candidates should express their interest by emailing their detailed CV to <lipade@listes.parisdescartes.fr>: in the email subject, use "lipade mcf" + name of one of the four research areas mentioned above.

LIPADE represents a vibrant and international researcher environment, and has several ongoing collaborations with top national and international academic and industrial partners. It is located in the center of Paris, in the bustling Saint-Germain-des-Pres area, and a short 5 minutes walk across the river Seine from Louvre.

The University of Paris (Université de Paris) is a top public, multi-disciplinary research university established on 20 March 2019 that incorporates Paris Descartes University, Paris Diderot University, and the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP).


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