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17 mai 2020

Two PhD Positions in Information-Theoretic Security (ETIS Laboratory, Cergy-Pontoise)

Catégorie : Doctorant

Two PhD Positions in Information-Theoretic Security are available at ETIS Laboratory, Cergy-Pontoise (UMR 8051 CY Université / ENSEA / CNRS).

They will be funded by the INEX project "Physical Layer Security for Beyond 5G" - Ambition Programme of CY Initiative.

Tentative start date: October 2020 (flexible).


Recently, there has been growing interest in physical-layer security, which is indicated as a possible way
to emancipate networks from classic, complexity-based security approaches. Practical motivations for
exploring physical-layer security include, e.g., the need for low-latency and low-cost communications
in IoT, and the breakthrough in quantum computing.
Each PhD student recruited for the PHEBE project (Physical-Layer Security for Beyond 5G) will
focus on one or more of the following topics.

Starting date: October 1st, 2020 (can be postponed).

Location: The ETIS Laboratory is located in Cergy-Pontoise (30 km from Paris).

Requirements: The candidates should have completed a master’s degree (or equivalent) in Electrical
Engineering, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, or related areas by the starting time of their
PhD. Good ability in mathematical reasoning is very important. Knowledge of Information Theory
and Coding Theory is desirable though not mandatory.

Application: A CV and a cover letter should be sent to one of the email addresses below:


Ligong Wang (ligong.wang@ensea.fr),

Maël Le Treust (mael.le-treust@ensea.fr),

Laura Luzzi (laura.luzzi@ensea.fr)

Laboratoire ETIS (UMR 8051) – Equipe Information, Communication et Imagerie (ICI)
6, avenue du Ponceau, 95014 Cergy-Pontoise


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