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3 juillet 2020

Thèse - Cifre [Huawei Tech. Paris] New waveform design and optimization for beyond 5G Networks

Catégorie : Doctorant

A graduate researcher (PhD student) position is available at the Paris Research Center of Huawei Technologies, France (starting date: Fall 2020 (Sep – Dec. 2020)). The hired candidate will work on new waveform design and optimization for beyond 5G networks and the project will be carried out at the WT Lab under the supervision of Prof. Merouane Debbah and Dr. Kamel Tourki. The proposed project will apply communication theory, signal processing, and machine learning tools to the analysis and optimization of the proposed waveform candidates. More details will be provided to the hired PhD student (due to confidentiality).

Requirements: - MSc, MEng degree in telecom/electrical/computer engineering, or related fields. - Background in signal processing and communications. - Strong mathematical background. - Ability to program and perform simulations in Matlab and/or Python. - Outstanding oral and written English skills. - Motivated, enthusiastic, positive person. Preferred Qualifications: - Background in 4G and 5G networks. - Background in machine learning and artificial intelligence. - Experience in testbed development or working with network simulators.

How to apply: Email to Merouane.debbah@huawei.com and kamel.tourki@huawei.com Email Subject: "PhD Application - " together with your CV, academic (undergraduate and master) transcripts, Master Thesis summary.


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