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7 août 2020

SurgAR is looking for a Software Development Engineer

Catégorie : Ingénieur

Looking for an ultra-stimulating ground to boost your career? Looking for a challenge that can have a direct impact on the quality of patient care ? Send your CV to cecile@surgar-surgery.com


Why join us ?

SurgAR is a growing startup working on the development of augmented reality software for minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. SurgAR is a 2019 winner of the prestigious i-Lab competition (best innovative company projects) and a 2020 winner of several national and international calls for proposals. It has a strong partnership with an internationally recognized surgery department and a computer vision laboratory leader in its field. SurgAR is based in Clermont-Ferrand where the quality of life excels!
Our software is based on state-of-the-art technology dedicated to improving the safety, efficiency and speed of the operating procedure. Our technology is a deep-tech based on more than 10 years of fundamental and clinical research. On our website you will discover the performance of our technology (www.surgar-surgery.com). More than 40 patients have been operated on using our software. We aspire to create breakthrough technology that will change the practice of surgeons! We are ready for the market but we need your help to get there!
The job offer is a real challenge but you will work at the heart of a small management team in total collaboration with the R&D department and clinicians. We strongly value the ethical aspect of the company and its employees. We have a mission: come to help us!
The job?
Your main missions will be the design and the implementation of different software modules of the company’s software suite, the maintenance of the different software modules developed by the company, the participation in various research thematics of the company and the participation in formulating various research proposals.
You have sound knowledge and experience in software design and development, in OOP (Object Oriented Programming) concepts and practices, in C++, in languages for graphical user interfaces (Qt, QML) and in version-control management systems. Knowledge and experience in computer graphic and/or in computer vision would be a plus. Knowledge of regulatory and quality standards would also be appreciated.
You have a perfect mastery of oral and written technical English.
You are ambitious but humble, open-minded, known for your rigour and reliability, empathetic and caring, always ready to learn : You are the one !
SurgAR is THE startup that will revolutionize tomorrow's surgery! Be part of this revolution! Join us!
Send your CV and your cover letter to cecile@surgar-surgery.com

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