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20 octobre 2020

stage M2: Detection and segmentation of macromolecular assemblies with deep learning in fluorescence microscopy

Catégorie : Stagiaire

Master 2 insternship in the ICube laboratory in Strasbourg (IMAGeS team)
Starting date: between January and May 2020
Duration: 5/6 months
Supervisors: Denis Fortun (dfortun@unistra.fr), Etienne Baudrier (baudrier@unistra.fr)


The detailed subject of the internship can be found here: http://images.icube.unistra.fr/fr/img_auth.php/e/ee/M2_SPR_picking.pdf

Send a CV and a short description of your motivation, as well as the transripts of marks for the past 2 years to Denis Fortun (dfortun@unistra.fr) and Etienne Baudrier (baudrier@unistra.fr)


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