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27 octobre 2020

Postdoc position in image-based product anomaly detection - Lille University

Catégorie : Post-doctorant

The FOX research group (CRIStAL laboratory, University of Lille) focuses on image understanding and motion analysis from video.
In the scope of theProduct Anomaly Detection using Deep LEarning techniques(PADDLE) project, the FOX team is involved in activities related to product anomaly detection in situations where the set of products and related anomaly samples are limited and can evolve over time.

In this context, FOX team addresses challenges related to : a)train deep architectures efficientlyfrom a small annotated data set and b) adapt the behavior of a deep network on the fly, when new data becomes available. This would reduce the time for a complete learning process which requires significant computing resources.


== Missions
The expected contributions will focus on conceiving and developing innovative techniques forfault detection in an interactive learning setting. Efforts for qualifying the existing data is also expected.

The candidate is expected to contribute to :
· writing and publishing research papers, as well as internal and project-related reports;
· prototyping and participating to pilots;
· organizing and preparing project internal meetings and reviews.

== Desired abilities/skills:
Programming in C/C++ and/or Python
Knowledge of libraries such : OpenCV, TensorFlow
Strong background in math and algorithm development
Strong communication skills
Proactive problem solver

== Salary and start date
Start date: December 2020 – 1 year contract
Salary: 30-45 k€ annual gros salary depending on qualification
Location: IRCICA, Villeneuve D’Ascq (France)
Contact: marius.bilasco@univ-lille.fr


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