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19 novembre 2020

Ingénieur de recherche en deep learning ENSTA

Catégorie : Ingénieur


The U2iS laboratory of ENSTA Paris at Institut Polytechnique de Paris is looking for a motivated and enthusiastic individual to work on 3D pose estimation and uncertainty. Founded in 1741 is the oldest "grande ecole" in France and it is located in Palaiseau in the south of Paris.

We seek a research engineer / post-doc interested in 3D pose estimation and uncertainty. 3D pose has been widely studied, yet we are interested in mixing it with uncertainty to have a pose's confidence score.


You should have basic knowledge of Deep Learning. Computer science/ or mathematician profiles are also welcome to apply. The future applicant will be given the opportunity to apply to excellent international publications ( CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, TPAMI, IJCV,NIPS,ICLR).


Depending on the candidate's profile, the future worker might focus more on the mathematical aspect of more on the computer science aspect.


To formally apply, please send an email with your resume and your reference letter to

gianni.franchi@ensta-paris.fr, antoine.manzanera@ensta-paris.fr



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