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8 décembre 2020

ICDAR2021: Historical Map Segmentation challenge

Catégorie : Compétitions et challenges

Dear colleagues,

We would like to encourage you to participate in the ICDAR 2021 Competition on Historical Map Segmentation, to be organized in conjunction with the 16th International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR), 5-10 September 2021, Lausanne (Switzerland).


This competition is organized by the LASTIG team of IGN (the French National Mapping Agency), the R&D Lab. of EPITA (French engineering school in computer science), and the Center of Historical Studies of EHESS (French graduate schools of social sciences).


Why should you consider this competition?

  1. All datasets are released with an open licence as soon as they are available (training and validation sets already available).

  2. Evaluation tools are released early with an open source licence.

  3. Winners of each task will be invited to co-author the report paper.

  4. We propose unsolved research problems at the frontiers of computer sciences, social sciences and history, with an important potential impact in the geographic information systems (GIS) community.


Downloads, mailing list, updates, evaluations tools available here: https://icdar21-mapseg.github.io/

Twitter account: @ICDAR21_MapSeg

Contact address: icdar21-mapseg-contact(at)googlegroups.com



Best regards,

The organizers


Edwin Carlinet (LRDE/EPITA), Joseph Chazalon (LRDE/EPITA), Yizi Chen (LASTIG/IGN & LRDE/EPITA), Bertrand Duménieu (CRH/EHESS), Thierry Géraud (LRDE/EPITA), Clément Mallet (LASTIG/IGN), Julien Perret (LASTIG/IGN & CRH/EHESS)


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