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10 décembre 2020

Researcher in communication protocols and system simulations for connected vehicles

Catégorie : Chercheur

CEA-LETI, the Laboratory for Electronics & Information Technology is operated by Direction de la Recherche Technologique at CEA (Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives), a public research center in France. CEA-Leti benefits from 8000 m2 state-of-the-art clean rooms, with pieces of equipment worth some 160 million euros. It currently employs about 1600 people among whom CEA employees co-workers of various status, including 100 people from industrial partners. CEA has a very important patents portfolio and an active scientific dissemination policy, with more than 200 filed patents and 700 publications per year.

CEA-LETI is based in Grenoble. The wireless division deals with cellular communications (4G, 5G and now 6G...) and also Internet of Things. The research will be pursued within the automotive team, in the context of an EU funded H2020 project whose goal is to ensure safety of vulnerable users (pedestrians, cyclists, etc...) in a mixed traffic (connected and autnomous cars). Other partners include leading industrial and research centers of the automotive domain.
We are looking for a researcher,with knowledge of C-V2X communications, C++ and Network simulation tools (NS3). The goal will be to study and optimize C-V2X protocols in the context of 5G, implement them, and evaluate their efficiency in the context of vulnerable users protection in a mixed traffic.
The contract is a fixed term one (30 month) under French Law (CDD d'usage), correlated with this EU project.

Researcher in communication protocols and system simulations for connected vehicles

The wireless system department of CEA-Leti is studying new communication systems between vehicles and between vehicles and road infrastructures and their future evolutions. These systems are bound to take an important part in the management of connected and autonomous vehicles.
To strengthen its research teams, the laboratory is looking for a researcher. The following tasks are envisaged:
• Study the communication standards used for vehicular applications (V2X) - C-V2X and their evolutions, 5G V2N, IEEE 802.11p
• Study and propose new concepts of protocols
• Study and implement new simulation modules containing V2X protocol layers using a system simulator (type NS3)
• Evaluate performance gains using the proposed concept simulator
• Investigate how occupancy maps are generated by vehicle sensors and propose fusion approaches in this context
• Propose and evaluate methods for optimizing V2X connectivity for high-level applications such as detection and protection of vulnerable road users (pedestrian, cyclists)
The work will be carried out in the context of an EU funded project with other leading industrial and academic partners of the automotive domain.
Engineer or doctor, you have a first experience in the following fields:
- Digital Communications and Digital signal processing
- Communication protocols and their architecture (ideally IEEE 802.11x, ITS-G5, 5G systems)
- Network simulation tools (ideally NS3)
- Experience in software programming (C / C ++)
- Matlab
You are fluent in English.
Please send your application to
Sylvie Mayrargue sylvie.mayrargue@cea.fr
Vincent Berg vincent.berg@cea.fr

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