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6 janvier 2021

Research engineer / Post-doc position in Big Data, Machine Learning and Galactic Star Formation

Catégorie : Post-doctorant

We are seeking for a research engineer / post-doc interested to apply machine learning methods on large astrophysical datasets. The main challenge is to develop new tools to study star formation in the Galaxy. Such tools include classical ML methods, but also deep learning methods suited to heterogeneous Big Datasets. This work is in collaboration with astrophysicists from Rome and Naples (both with INAF) and is funded by Amidex.


If you are interested please send contact François-Xavier Dupé (francois-xavier.dupe@univ-amu.fr, LIS) and Annie Zavagno (annie.zavagno@lam.fr, LAM) by sending before January 31 2021:

  • a CV
  • a motivation letter
  • two reference letters

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