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7 janvier 2021

Master2 Internship: Eye-tracking Measurement for videogame use at school

Catégorie : Stagiaire

Within CPER NUMERIC Program and TREMA Work Package, Xlim Institute hires a Master 2 Internship to conduct an eye-tracking measurement campaign. This campaign will take place during the internship and its goal will be the measurement of visual attention of learners and students when using videogame with a pedagogical purpose.

Trema work package has the objective of finding visual attention indicators in various pedagogical situations. We want here to ask to various learners to use eye-trackers in those learning and teaching situations:
• Work in “standard” classroom
• Work in “flipped” situation
• Computer science work or practical situations
• Exposition centre or new workplace organisation.
The intern will have the following missions:
• Definition of experimental protocol (length, number of participants, target audience) in connexion with TREMA Team
• Eye-tracking acquisition in real condition with Tobii X3-120 eye-tracker
• Acquisition analysis to extract clues of visual attention
• Global indicators definition and feedback on the measurement campaign to improve the results.
The work will be done within Icones Team in Xlim Institute and acquisition with the University of Poitiers students.
Specific information: 4-to-6-month internship starting between March 2021 and May 2021.
Computer science or image and signal processing Master preferred
Data analysis skills
Eye-tracking knowledge
To apply, please send CV and motivation letter before 22th January 2021 to:
François Lecellier (francois.lecellier(at)univ-poitiers.fr)

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