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4 février 2021

Post-doctoral (18-month) fellowship in transfer learning for 3D models of underwater imagery

Catégorie : Post-doctorant

A 1.5 year (18 month) post-doctoral position is immediately available in the field of transfer learning and domain adaptation for the project ABYSSES
-- Keywords --
Habitat mapping, hydrothermal vents, underwater imagery, deep learning, transfer learning

-- Context --

Project ABYSSES (Boosted Annotations of 3D models of deep-sea hydrothermal mounds by deep-learning based domain adaptation- ABYSSES) is a collaborative project between Ifremer (French Institute for Sea exploitation), CERV (Centre for Virtual Reality), IMT-Atlantique and ENIB, France. Its goal consists in the implementation of new digital tools in order to accelerate our ability to map, at high resolution, and over large spatial areas, the biological, environmental and topography of the seabed. The development of such tools will increase our ability to explore deep benthic ecosystems and therefore increase the acquisition of new knowledge in these environments.

-- Objectives --

The project will explore the extent to which visual characteristics of hydrothermal ecosystems are shared among other visual domains for which the availability of annotated data is substantial. The proliferation of annotated ground truth data in multiple and diverse domains allows to compensate the lack of data for a new domain through its affinity with existing ones. Research in the domain known as transfer learning concerns the family of methods that allow to emerge such affinities in an unsupervised manner. In this context, we are interested in the development of methods belonging to the family of “transductive transfer learning” or “unsupervised domain adaptation”. The objective will be thus to establish the affinity of hydrothermal ecosystems in correspondence with terrestrial surfaces.

-- Application deadline --

Full details related to the project, candidate's profile and application procedure are available in:



Panagiotis PAPADAKIS
IMT Atlantique, Brest

-- https://sites.google.com/site/pgpapadakis/


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