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6 février 2021

Application of Deep Learning to LST1 real data

Catégorie : Stagiaire

LAPP and LISTIC laboratories propose an internship in collaboration under the GammaLearn project. The project develops innovative analysis methods based on artificial intelligence applied to the data from the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA), an international collaboration https://www.cta-observatory.org/. A specific neural network has already been developed on simultated data of Cherenkov Telescope Array. With the acquisition of the first real data, the performances of the network must now be evaluated. After a first step of evaluation, the intern will work on improving the performances of the network based on transfer learning methods or by developing semi-supervised learning methods.

Skills : Python, Knowledge in data analysis, Knowledge in machine learning, Knowledge of deep learning framework (PyTorch, Tensorflow) would be a plus, Being able to present its technical work and scientific results, Good written and spoken english, Creativity, Being able to work in a team and in a multidisciplinary environment

Contact : Thomas Vuillaume : thomas.vuillaume@lapp.in2p3.fr, +33 4 50 09 16 73

Location : LAPP Annecy


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