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11 février 2021

Assistant/Associate Professor in Telecom-Paris

Catégorie : Enseignant-chercheur

Assistant/Associate Professor in Deep Learning for Computer Vision

Maître de Conférences en Apprentissage Profond pour la Vision par Ordinateur


I am writing you about an open position in our team in Telecom Paris. It is an Assistant/Associate Professor position (according to the seniority level of the applicant). The scientific area is Deep Learning for Computer Vision.

This is quite an exceptional opening:
- it has a higher-than-average salary compared to equivalent positions in Telecom-Paris;
- it includes a "welcome package": funding for starting her/his own research projects, hiring Ph.D. students, post-docs, buying material, etc.;
- it is funded by the new "Hi! Paris" joint Center on Data Analytics and AI for Science, Business, and Society.

Please, visit this link for more information and for application:

If you know potential candidates, please share this information with them or put them in contact with me: marco.cagnazzo@telecom-paris.fr


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