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24 février 2021

1-year Postdoc scholarship/ Research Engineer in robust video transmission

Catégorie : Post-doctorant

1-year Postdoc scholarship/ Research Engineer in robust video transmission (UPHF, IEMN-DOAE, Valenciennes)



Call for application for the ORIO (ELSAT 2020) project

1-year Postdoc scholarship/ Research Engineer (CDD)

In the scope of the ELSAT2020 project, the COMNUM research team (part of the IEMN-DOAE laboratory) is involved in ORIO, which is both targeted to monitor and analyze the performances of the urban transportation networks and to provide solutions to protect pedestrians and other vulnerable users (bicycles, rollers, etc.) from being hurt by vehicles.

The position is a 12 months long job, to be started as soon as possible and is open at: IEMN-DOAE, UPHF/INSA (Valenciennes).


Scientific context: the ORIO project

The ORIO project is focused on the challenges emerging from the growth of transportation networks within the cities, either in size or in complexity. It aims to fulfill two objectives: first developing a set of tools providing valuable feedbacks and possible improvements regarding the “Quality of Service” attached to a multimodal transportation system and, second, improving the safety by building a kind of “signal processing-based protection shelter” around the users.

The recruited candidate will work within the framework of the ORIO project for which IMT Lille Douai has developed a light vehicle for data acquisition (VLAD). This VLAD allows to have an enriched perception of the urban environment. It is equipped with a drone which allows the capture of video information and the transmission to the VLAD of the corresponding streams.


Open Position level

One fixed-term, 100%-funded position is available at IEMN-DOAE (Valenciennes, Hauts de France). The selected candidate will integrate the ORIO project.

For the position, two mutually exclusive levels of candidature are possible:

  1. Candidature to a Postdoc scholarship (open only to graduated or soon graduated PhD students)
  2. Candidature to a Research Engineer job (open only to graduated Master students)


Missions and hosting team

Independently from the position level, the scientific program of the position is described in the following.

Robust video transmission between Drone-VLAD.

Hired by IEMN-DOAE / Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France, the applicant will be affiliated to the Digital Communications group of the Institute of Electronics, Microelectronics, and Nanotechnology (IEMN), UMR-CNRS 8520. The position is located on the campus Mont Houy, Valenciennes. The successful applicant will become part of a team of 5 researchers working on wireless communications, digital video transmission, joint source-channel-protocol coding, and artificial intelligence for broadcast and ITS applications. The applicant will contribute to the design, implementation and test of the performance of a robust video transmission scheme between the drone and the VLAD.

Specifically, he will: 1) Set up a robust linear video coding and transmission scheme based 2) Evaluate and model the influence of transmission errors on the decoded video 3) Propose solutions to reduce noise on the received video 4) Set up a protocol for evaluating the influence of the quality of transmission on the performance of state-of-the-art "Deep-Learning classifiers" (such as MaskRCNN) 5) System optimization and implementation of the proposed system on the VLAD instrumented vehicle.

This position involves theoretical research, computer simulation, and software-defined radio (SDR) implementation (Gnuradio and USRP boards).



Any interested candidate should first prepare:

Then, the candidate should submit her or his candidature (Name, contacts, CV, and motivation letter) by email to the following adresses (please send your applications to all the mentioned emails) : francois-xavier.coudoux@uphf.fr, patrick.corlay@uphf.fr, anthony.trioux@uphf.fr.


Qualifications and degrees

  1. Candidature to a Postdoc Scholarship. The applicants must hold a PhD degree in one of the following areas: Signal Processing, Digital Communications, Wireless Communications, Machine Learning/AI, Computer Science, Image and Video Coding, Telecommunication Engineering.
  2. Direct candidature to an Research Engineer job. The applicants must holda master-level university degree in one of the following areas: Signal Processing, Digital Communications, Wireless Communications, Machine Learning/AI, Computer Science, Image and Video Coding, Telecommunication Engineering.



Independently from the level of the application, the candidate is expected to have:

Good proficiency in English language (oral and written)

Very good proficiency in at least one programming language among C/C++, Python, Matlab, GNUradio/LabViewCom

Knowledge in video/image processing is a plus

Knowledge in Software Defined Radio (SDR) or Raspberry Pi is a plus

Knowledge in deep-learning/Python are a plus

Very good academic results


(1) The ELSAT2020 project is co-financed by the European Union with the European Regional Development Fund, the French state and the Hauts de France Region Council

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